PAYPAL preferd!!!
Conceled cash must be CONCEILD in paper, a card etc.
Either way be sure to clearly state what you are paying for and be sure the shipping address is correct and though!!!
If you are not a US resident please tell me in advance so I can calculate shipping correctly

Depends on item size and where you live.
I calculate everything I can on the USPS calculator but it is normally a little off
US- Most things can be shipped media mail, if not I ship first class or priority - depending on what you request
International - I 100% always use the calculator ^^^

If you'd like to trade link me, but there is no promise I'll be interested
If you'd like to work out a deal I'm flexable

I will hold items when they are asked for - If you do not reply within 24 hours I will unhold the item(s).
If you are low/unsure of funds you can give me a time length to hold it - I will unhold it as soon as that time as passed (or I notice ^_^;;)

I will take pictures of anything if requested

If there is a problem with the merchandise you must let me know within 48 hours of receaving it. If you want a refund/return you must send the item back and I will give a full refund once the item is receaved. Refunds (something is wrong with the item) with also be given a refund of shipping costs, returns will not.

Music Sampling
If you are interested I will upload a sample song for you to download, If you have a program you prefer/know of PLEASE tell me so if one is down I can still get the song up!!!

Other Questions
Please ask all the questions you need. I don't want anyone saying I'm a deadbeat or a lier so claify anything you're not sure about before purchasing!!!

You can message me directly on AIM at diensushi



I'm looking for the Sailor Moon pocket books
Sailor moon Vol 2,4,6,7,8 and 12+++ if they exist
Stars S Vol 3+++
Supers S vol 4+++

Morning Musume Graduation concerts

Ayumi Hamasaki - Kanariya